Training & Development

Training in various grains:
Canola, Barley, Maize, Oats, Rye, Sorghum, Soybeans,
Sunflower, Wheat and Maize Quality.
Training is also provided in other areas, including:
Fumigation and Pest Control, Grain Management,
Basic Concepts in the Grading Industry, Sampling,
Cultivar Identification, Upgrading of Cereals,
Seed Technology.




(AGRI /ASS/0524/07) / AgriSETA Accreditation No: AGRI/c PROV/0331/11 / ETQA ID: 694

Type Of Course Locality Dates
Soya Bean Grading Winterton (DRAK OIL MILLS) 29 - 31 January
Wheat Grading Moorreesburg 5 - 7 February
Maize Grading Potchefstroom 7 - 9 February
Sunflower Seed Grading Lichtenburg (NWK) 12 - 13 February
Maize Grading Lichtenburg (NWK) 14 - 16 February
Soya Bean Grading Lichtenburg (NWK) 19 - 21 February
Wheat Grading Lichtenburg (NWK) 21 - 23 February
Soya Bean Grading Potchefstroom 21 - 23 February
Maize & Sunflower Seed Refresher Sannieshof (NWK) 26 February
Maize & Sunflower Seed Refresher Delareyville (NWK) 27 February
Maize & Sunflower Seed Refresher Koster (NWK) 28 February
Maize & Sunflower Seed Refresher Lichtenburg (NWK) 1 March
Sunflower Seed Grading Bloemfontein (OVK) 1 - 2 March
Fumigation Practical Welkom (SILOSTRAT) 5 March
Maize Grading Bloemfontein (OVK) 5 - 7 March
Soya Bean Grading Bloemfontein (OVK) 7 - 9 March
Wheat Grading Bloemfontein (OVK) 12 - 14 March
Sorghum Grading Bloemfontein (OVK) 14 - 16 March
Oats, Wheat & Barley Grading Western Cape 12 - 17 March
Gosa Symposium 12 - 17 March
Fumigation Course Northern RSA (TBC) 16 - 20 April
Maize Grading Bredasdorp (VENUE TBC) 7 - 10 May
Project Work 14 May - June
Fumigation Course Western Cape (TBC) 4 - 8 June
Fumigation Practical Swellendam (SSK) 12 - 13 June
Wheat Grading Bredasdorp 23 - 25 July
Oats Grading Bredasdorp 26 - 27 July
Barley Grading Bredasdorp 30 July - 1 August
Canola Grading Bredasdorp 2 - 3 August
Wheat Refresher Bredasdorp 13 August
Barley Refresher Bredasdorp 14 August
Lupins Grading Bredasdorp 15 - 16 August
Wheat Grading Klerksdorp (SENWES) 3 - 5 September
Barley Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 6 September
Barley Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 7 September
Barley Grading Klerksdorp (SENWES) 10 - 12 September
Wheat Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 13 September
Wheat Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 14 September
Wheat Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 17 September
Wheat Refresher Klerksdorp (SENWES) 18 September
Sunflower Seed Grading Bethal (AFGRI) 1 - 2 October
Maize Grading Bethal (AFGRI) 3 - 5 October
Soya Bean  Grading Bethal (AFGRI) 8 - 10 October
Sorghum Grading Bethal (AFGRI) 10 - 12 October
Wheat Grading Bethal (AFGRI) 15 - 17 October
Barley/ Wheat Refresher Bethal (AFGRI) 18 October
Wheat Grading or Barley Grading 5 - 9 November or
5 - 10 November

November: Douglas (GWK) & Training Requests Welcome

A cancellation fee of 15%, of the course cost, will be charged per attendee cancelling within one (1) week
before course commences.

Requests for training to be directed to: Monica Ybema: OR 018 462 1361
Put requests in as early as possible in order to secure request

REMARKS (Click to open)

* The purpose of this training course is to enable people working in the grain handling industry to undergo more advanced training (such as grading, fumigating and grain management training) in the future. In order to meet this aim during this course attention will be given to sampling, sample preparation, weighing and calculation of percentage, determination of moisture, sieving of samples, determination of poisonous seeds, consequences of grain mixing, the importance of cleanliness of the grain working area and deviations to be noted during loading and unloading of grain. Candidates, who mastered these basic concepts and found to be competent during the assessment, will be ready after practical experience to undergo further grading and other training in order to progress in the grain industry. Practical training in the above mentioned fields form part of this training course. The course therefore must take place at a silo.

** This course is handling the importance to maintain or to improve the quality of grain during intake, handling, drying, fumigation and storage by the correct management. The safe storage of grain and oilseeds has much in common, but there are also important differences that should be considered and are also covered during this course. Focus is given to value adding to all grains as well as oil seeds.

Other courses available are sunflower grading, sorghum grading, soybean grading and cultivar identification. Maize and sorghum grading can be done in combination and the same for sunflower and soybean grading. These combinations bring about cost savings.

Candidates are theoretically and practically evaluated and certificates are supplied to successful candidates.

The above schedule may be adjusted according to need. If a need is identified which is not included in the schedule it can be arranged by negotiations.

Tariffs include coffee and/or tea, lunch, grading material, course manual, examination and certificates.

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  • Grain management
  • Value adding
  • Performing land inspections
  • Equipment calibration
  • Wheat crop quality
  • Assessment of damage
  •


  • Sieves
  • Balances
  • Sampling Probes
  • Sample Dividers
  • Inframatic
  • FN Apparatus
  •