High quality products and services for the grain industry

About Sierk Ybema

Since 1981 Dr S G Ybema (PhD ) - Plant Physiology with focus on wheat
quality - has been involved in the South African grain industry. Over a
period of time, it had become apparent that his services were increasingly
required, subsequently resulting in the establishment of Sierk Ybema
Grain Services (SYGS) in 1999. Since then we have flourished in the industry
and will continue to do so in the future.


SYGS’ clients are mostly active in the grain industry, both nationally and
internationally and stretch beyond the South African borders, with business
having been conducted in various African countries, as well as international
countries, such as Argentina, China, Europe, North America, South America
and Australia.

Core values and growth

SYGS plans to continue its growth through a guiding system of
core values, including:

  • Being committed to objectivity, fairness, consistency and integrity
    in its conduct.
  • Being a sustainable business in the grain industry by continuously
    growing and contributing to the South African economy.
  • By fostering a climate of equity and innovation through the training
    and development of diverse groups.
  • Through consultation and cooperation between parties and
    stakeholders in the offering of excellent service, professionalism,
    and the maintenance of trust and confidentiality.
    • Mission:

      To provide, on a continuous basis, high quality products and services to the grain industry - nationally and internationally.


      To promote and influence the grain industry to such an extent that optimum standards are achieved and maintained in the provision of products and services, and the continued successful development of the diverse South African grain industry workforce.

    • BEE status:

      The company is a Level 4 contributor, as measured by the Action Verification Agency. The company is classified as an Exempted Micro Enterprise, with a B-BBEE Procurement Recognition level of 100%.


  • Grain management
  • Value adding
  • Performing land inspections
  • Equipment calibration
  • Wheat crop quality
  • Assessment of damage
  •


  • Sieves
  • Balances
  • Sampling Probes
  • Sample Dividers
  • Inframatic
  • FN Apparatus
  •